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Enovation POINT

For transferring care and tracking capacity.

Clear transfers of care

With Enovation POINT, you have instant access to the most up-to-date patient information and all parties involved in the healthcare network see the same data. For example, the current bed capacity of network partners and transfer status.

This is the collaborative solution for referrals, transfers and transfers of care that aligns with national themes such as ‘InZicht eOverdracht’ in the Netherlands (approximate translation: Insight eTransfer).

Enovation POINT in the Platform

Enovation POINT supports healthcare professionals with various solutions.


Complete care transfer from hospital or GP to other healthcare organisations in the network.

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Capacity Tracker

Direct access to the available bed capacity in the region.

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The advantages of Enovation POINT

Together with more than 250 partners, we ensure seamless integration.

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