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Medication Prescription

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Optimal medication safety through efficient and fast electronic medication prescription

Supports medication prescribers in their complex medication decisions.

Prescribing medication is part of our Enovation Medimo product.


Prescribing medication with an electronic prescribing system

The electronic prescription is mandatory within the Dutch healthcare system. Electronic prescription means the implementation of an automated system that detects unsafe prescription situations, such as double doses, contraindications, interactions with other medicines and hypersensitivity reactions.

The Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate (IGJ) states that it’s irresponsible to prescribe without an Electronic Prescription System (EPS). The Inspectorate views the use of medication monitoring systems as part of delivering responsible care and working with professional standards. The EPS also prevents errors when reading handwritten prescriptions.

Medication safety goes beyond an Electronic Prescription System. Optimal medication monitoring requires good collaboration across the network. The prescribing physician, the evaluating and dispensing pharmacy and the caregivers administering the medication are all part of the same care network surrounding the patient. The prescriber’s EPS is a good start, but links to the systems of other caregivers from the same care network are essential for medication safety.

This is how Medication monitoring supports the patient’s pathway

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