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Medication Administration

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Better collaboration, fewer errors

The electronic medication administration registration (eRD) digitally supports healthcare professionals in the medication process. This leads to fewer medication errors and better collaboration between healthcare professionals.

Medication administration registration is part of our Enovation Medimo product.

Better collaboration in the medication chain

At least three different healthcare professionals are involved in filling a client’s prescription. The physician prescribes, the pharmacist dispenses the medication and the care home or home care nurse ttakes care of administering the medication to the patient. This process demands a good digital collaboration to prevent any medication errors in the chain.

eRD improves the collaboration in the chain by:

  • accessing an up-to-date digital medication overview from the pharmacy;
  • a digital sign-off for administered medication;
  • immediate visibility for involved healthcare professionals as to whether clients have received or still have to receive their medication.

This is how the medication administration registration supports the medication process

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