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System integration and connectivity

Readily available information, in the right format.

Too many systems, connections and standards 

The rapid development of ICT in the healthcare sector has led to an unbridled growth of the number of applications, connections between applications, programming languages and standards.  As a result, ICT often doesn’t work like well-oiled machine, but as a collection of individual parts. This leads to a stagnation in the provision of information, less collaboration and reduced support for healthcare providers.

Simplify your integrations 

You can change that by using proven systems integration processes. These solutions will allow you to simplify your integrations within your ICT landscape and manage them more effectively. This will make your systems work as one unit, make data more easily available to third parties and facilitate collaboration with others to provide quality care.

Systems integration offers the following benefits:

  • Faster data exchange between applications.
  • The freedom to switch applications more easily.
  • A focus on supporting healthcare providers.
  • Provide information in the right standard.
  • An exchange between modern and legacy software.

Data availability and systems integration solutions

Enovation developed several system integration solutions to better and more easily connect the systems and applications within the ICT landscape.


The communication server that aggregates data from various information systems from within or outside the healthcare organisation.

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Incorporate medical data directly into the information system, alarm management system and EPR.

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Standardised disclosure of clinical data elements based on the international standard FHIR.

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Sending structured messages between the information systems of, for example, GPs, pharmacists and hospitals.

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Sharing of digital medical images and documents with collaborating healthcare organisations based on international IHE standards.

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The benefits of system integration and connectivity