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Prevention and integrated care

Providing care and preventing care needs – for a healthy and safe life

Specialisation and fragmentation of care 

The growing demand for care requires ever more specialised organisations and cooperation within healthcare networks. This is crucial to ensuring accessible and affordable care, but it also entails certain risks. For example, we can inadvertently fail to coordinate our efforts, resulting in us losing control of care services. Early detection and coordination becomes more difficult, leading to missed opportunities to provide care and prevent personal suffering.

Detection, cooperation and control 

To make sure that care providers coordinate their care, it’s essential to ensure effective communication – which can be done with effective healthcare technology. With the right technologies in place, the care network can easily communicate, access information and exchange data, provide remote healthcare, detect problems at an early stage and coordinate care. This leads to successful prevention, efficient network care and a sustainable healthcare system.

The right healthcare technology offers the following benefits:

  • Issues are flagged (at an early stage).
  • Connect with the relevant care network.
  • Implementation of digital communication.
  • Insight into each other’s information, provided consent has been given.
  • A greater degree of engagement in the patient journey for the client and their loved ones.

Prevention and integrated care solutions

Enovation has developed various solutions that allow your organisation to smartly collaborate with others within the network and with clients.


Indication of commitment to a young person by professionals from youth welfare, healthcare, social services and education.

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Easy and safe chatting with colleagues, patients and clients. Also via a digital consulting room.

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Easy and safe chatting with colleagues, patients and clients. Also via a digital consulting room.

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View medical images, reports, documents, basic healthcare data set and lab results.

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Patient Portal

Secure online environment where a patient can access their own personal and medical data, make appointments, and interact with the healthcare facility

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Providing remote care and monitoring of a wide variety of sensors and services for clients at home or in sheltered accommodation.

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The benefits of prevention and integrated care