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File Share

Safely share large files with your colleagues in the network

Facilitate cooperation by sending large files, completely embedded in the current work processes.

Conveniently share files from your trusted Microsoft email client

Most of our communication today is digital. This includes sharing files: from simple text documents to extensive spreadsheets, increasingly larger photo and video files, care records and more.

However, the standard email protocol is not suitable for sending large files. That is why people often resort to unsafe solutions that do not comply with the mandatory information security requirements for sharing large files. However, security is extremely important for healthcare and public organisations.

With File Share you can send large files with a single tap or click, directly and securely from your trusted email client. It’s not only easy, but also very efficient as you can send any file to any recipient, anytime and anywhere, without reducing the file size or making any other modifications.

Using your sender’s contact, you can also ask the recipient to send large files back to you. The service is also equipped with a track & trace feature to check the status of the information exchange.

File Share supports the healthcare process

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