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Mobile Healthcare Event

16 November 2023 | Rotterdam Ahoy |

Mobile Healthcare Event

This is the year for the transformation of care to health. Keeping necessary care, with the professionals that are there, accessible requires a new way of thinking and working.

The aim is to deliver the high standard of care, with the starting point being that the right care is delivered in the right place. Regional cooperation, interoperability, digitisation and robotisation are crucial in this respect. However, providing patients with appropriate care where it is needed raises several issues.

How do we want to exchange data digitally without violating patient privacy? How can the use of AI support the healthcare professional and together with eHealth contribute to a healthy life, good cooperation in the chain n job satisfaction?

At the Mobile Healthcare congress on 16 November, you will hear all about it!

The 4 main themes are:

  • Healthy life through data
  • Connecting healthcare and social domain
  • Ecosystem idea
  • Transition to affordable and humane