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news | 05 July 2021

Enovation acquires Boomerweb

Enovation is increasing its ability to support remote healthcare through the strategic acquisition of e-health specialist Boomerweb.

With the acquisition of Boomerweb Enovation is increasing its ability to support remote healthcare. With this we ensure that the right patient care is still provided, even with increasing pressure on healthcare.

For over 10 years, Boomerweb has been helping healthcare organizations to become better, safer and more future-proof with the help of digital solutions. The result: efficiency gains and quality improvement of care, and improved communication between care providers in the shared care around the client. More than 350 healthcare institutions and 650 pharmacies already use the services of Boomerweb, supporting care for over 120,000 patients. Boomerweb offers a digital platform for mobile care solutions, including Medication Safety, Screen Care and Wound Care. Boomerweb users are Healthcare institutions (Elderly care, Mental care, Disabled care), pharmacies (community pharmacy, service pharmacy, outpatient pharmacy, dispensing doctor), prescribers (general practitioner, specialist), clients and informal caregivers and specialist medical shops.

The combination of Enovation and Boomerweb means that professionals can collaborate even more easily and securely in the future. The products of both companies are very complementary to each other. This step creates a unique combination of services that not only provides a service for remote care, but is also fully integrated into the application landscape of the care providers.

From the combination, Enovation will be even more committed to collaboration in healthcare through the use of e-health. The pressure on healthcare is increasing, so good cooperation between care providers and clients is essential to be able to meet the increasing demand for care. In this context, Enovation is already providing remote care via Enovation UMO and cooperation in the context of eTransfer via Enovation POINT. In addition, many institutions use Enovation to provide information to clients via the Personal Health Records (VIPP NL). With this acquisition, the collaboration can be further expanded. Enovation’s expertise in infrastructure and the front-end expertise of Boomerweb complement each other well and provide a solid foundation for the joint knowledge and expertise about connections and integration.

Jeroen van Rijswijk:

“With the acquisition of Boomerweb, we can respond even better to the growing demand in the market for integrated e-health applications. Boomerweb is a leading e-health specialist with a passion for healthcare. This makes Boomerweb an important addition to the Enovation Platform. We believe that through better and more efficient cooperation in healthcare, we can jointly ensure that patients receive the care they need now and in the future, despite the increasing pressure on the sector. For this, the use of e-health solutions is indispensable.”

Willem Hendrik Gispen (Director Boomerweb)

“With the takeover, we can ensure that Boomerweb’s e-health solutions are even better embedded in the IT care landscape of our customers. Enovation not only has a broad base in the same healthcare market, but has proven competencies, products and services in the field of infrastructure and communication. Together with Boomerweb’s mobile applications, these form a rock-solid combination, which our customers will benefit from in the future. Together, we enable a safe and more efficient implementation of healthcare, with the right data in the right place and greater ease of use for healthcare providers. The collaboration with Enovation also offers new growth opportunities internationally. The major challenges in healthcare, such as keeping healthcare affordable and feasible, apply in many countries, not only in the Netherlands.”

About Enovation

For more than 35 years, Enovation has been the specialist for secure communication solutions for healthcare. The company focuses on facilitating information exchange between and within healthcare institutions and between healthcare institutions and clients. The solutions are based on (international) standards and fit seamlessly into existing IT systems and processes of healthcare institutions. The company has more than 250 employees in 10 offices and operates in more than 19 countries. Enovation has a strong R&D capacity aimed at improving the current product offering to create innovative solutions for the healthcare market and the (semi-) public sector. As an independent communications company, Enovation is on a mission to play an important role in solving the challenges currently facing the European healthcare industry. Both in its organic and in its growth strategy, Enovation focuses on increasing added value for its customers, further improving the strategic product offering and strengthening its strategic positioning as a leading international SaaS supplier in Europe.

About Boomerweb

Boomerweb is an e-health specialist with a heart for healthcare. For over 10 years, the company has been passionately working on the latest and best digital solutions for the healthcare sector. The digital care solutions helps to increase medication safety, improve wound care and enable remote counseling. Boomerweb’s digital solutions support healthcare workers, pharmacies, general practitioners and patients in performing and receiving the right care and help to keep healthcare feasible and affordable – also in the future.