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news | 17 May 2022

Enovation UMO cx: More than alarm management software

Society is aging, we grow older than ever, but fortunately we are also able to live at home longer. The availability and accessibility of care is essential in order to facilitate people to live at home safely and independently. Luckily, digital solutions make this increasingly possible. In order to help the healthcare industry with this we are introducing our new product: Enovation UMO cx.

Where the current Enovation UMO gives you optimal support in alarm handling, Enovation UMO cx goes one step further. As a monitoring centre, you probably receive alarm notifications as well as other notifications such as phone calls and emails. Perhaps you even receive chat messages, video calls or self-measurement readings taken by your service users, handled by a variety of software tools. This means operators will lose their overview fast. Enovation UMO cx offers the solution for this increasing chaos.

Enovation UMO cx helps you with:

  • Handling of alarms, telephony, email, chat, video calls and self-measurements
  • One central solution that passes on notifications with the right prioritisation
  • Skill-based routing: each notification is routed to the right operator
  • A 360-degree client view through integrations with multiple sources
  • Simple management through a complete, modern cloud platform

And, as you have come to expect from us, Enovation UMO cx remains an independent platform connected with all kinds of devices and applications. Privacy and security remain guaranteed.

Would you like to know more about Enovation UMO cx? Watch the video below and feel free to contact us.